Kongress Steinheilkunde
15. und 16. September 2018
Stadthalle Gersfeld (Rhön)

So, 13:45 - 15:15 Uhr

Homöopathie und die Kristallstrukturen – eine grundlegende Entdeckung

Psyche and Structure

Crystal matrix, Personality Typing and Homeopathy

Peter has researched and written on crystal structure as it appears through the fine psychological perceptions of homeopathic medicine. Through investigating the quality of structure in cured homeopathic cases and provings he has uncovered its extensive power over our tendencies of mind, body and spirit.
Peter will accompany attendees on a journey of understanding into the meaning of structure in their lives. He will engage participants in processes which direct them to their own dominant structure and touch on the way it affects art, clothing, expression, and artistic outlook. He will also illustrate structure with examples from his extensive clinical experience.
This material is fully elucidated in his recent publications: ‘Psyche and Structure’ (Narayana Verlag 2017) and his ‘Chart of Structure and Colour’ which incorporates the principal structure with the quality of colour affinity in order to find resonant healing crystals.

‘In their resonant relationship to humanity these structures are psycho-emotional forms, which are the containers of trends of thinking and feeling, the broad brush strokes of the mind which form a recognizable landscape.’ from ‘Psyche and Structure’

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